About Lost & Bound

I am fine craft bookbinder residing in a Minneapolis artist loft community on the Mississippi River with studio space in an old-school bindery in St. Paul. I combine hand binding techniques with computer formatted pages to create books with fine and re-purposed leathers and specialty papers. I finish my covers using a mid-century foil stamper, beads, buttons, snaps and found objects making each book one-of-a-kind. I begin these blank art books but realize they’re a collaboration— unfinished until someone uses them. They become art for everyone, everyday.

My focus in book design beyond function and the comfort of the end user, is color, pattern and texture. Often it seems the leather dictates the character of the piece, as I like to maintain the raw edges of the hide. A word stamped on the cover or included in the text block may also lead the way. 

Self-taught, I practice (and teach) the medieval long stitch binding tradition most often in creating my line of hand bound books. The variation of pattern with long stitch book binding is endless, which leads me to think myself a fiber artist, although my books are primarily leather and paper.

 - Theresa

Theresa Angelo