First AAB class — Intermediate Fine Binding.

First AAB class — Intermediate Fine Binding. 

Who knew? 

Fine binding is it’s own beast unlike, but akin to the rodeo binding I’ve practiced these many years. The diligence and commitment this process takes, in my experience, is simultaneously elegant and stupid. A dedicated fine binding practice would have to catch like a Covid variant — consuming and overtaking it’s host until there is nothing else one could possibly do! This considerable challenge was just what the doctor ordered to knock me out of my 2 year creative schlump and I’m grateful for it. 

Today I’m testing negative.  Nonetheless, hi-ho it’s  off to the printer I go to choose paper for five fine binds due in three weeks. When a client orders three full leather fine binds, I’m wrestling my resistance to this detailed process, fairly confident I’ll get 3 out of 5 that will satisfy my standards.


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